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green patchouli + oud candle

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The Cleanse Collection

 green patchouli + oud 

cleansing + green + mysterious

bergamot, lavender, violet, oud, patchouli, sandalwood, resins and amber

hand poured in california

during moon phases to set intentions and release all that does not serve you

5oz soy + coconut wax

crackling wooden wicks

phthalate-free fine fragrance oils + pure essential oils from mother gaia

respectfully & intentionally poured and charged during the new & full moon phases 

tumble* included as a tool you can use to manifest and meditate with after lighting the candles and filling the space with these cleansing scents. get comfy, close your eyes, feel the tumbles in the palms of yours hands and take a few deep breaths in + out. envision yourself already achieving your goals.

i hope you all love my take on cleansing scents and that these creations add a touch of omegabotanika to your sacred space


as above, so below,

as within, so without,

as the universe, so the soul



as always with gratitude,

ja #omegabotanika


* = note: tumble will vary in crystal, shape and size